Shanice Jones Cameron is a PhD candidate, educator, and content creator.


Hi, I’m Shanice. I’m a lecturer at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the Department of Communication Studies and a PhD candidate at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Department of Communication. I’m also a graduate student affiliate of the Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life (CITAP).

I earned my master’s degree in Communication Studies from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and I earned a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Political Science from North Carolina Central University.

My areas of interest are media studies, critical health communication, Black feminism, and qualitative methods. My dissertation is tentatively titled, Locating the Everyday: Black Women, Well-being, and Digital Media. I’m utilizing ethnographic methods to explore Black women’s health and well-being discourses that are distributed through information and communication technologies.

These online health communities and discourses are significant, in part, because they disrupt dominant understandings about Black women’s health (and biomedical frameworks) and simultaneously illuminate how marginalized groups use these technologies for cultural expression and social change.

In addition to my academic research and teaching, I’m a (twin) mom of 3, web designer, vegan, long distance runner, yoga practitioner, home decor enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Her Guided Evolution® is my online business and podcast where I help moms who work from home manage their time and prioritize their well-being.


My article, Be Still, Be Present: Black Girl Yoga and Digital Counter Spaces, was published in Race and Yoga in November 2019.


Her Guided Evolution® is my online coaching business, podcast, and passion project. I share reflections on time management and well-being on the podcast.

*The podcast is currently on hiatus as I am completing my dissertation.

Contributions & Features

Critical Disinformation Studies Syllabus

I had the pleasure of contributing to the Critical Disinformation Studies syllabus alongside Alice Marwick, Rachel Kuo, and Moira Wegel. In the syllabus, we argue that disinformation is one key way that whiteness, heteronormativity, and class privilege have been reinforced and reproduced in the United States.

Marwick, A., Kuo, R., Cameron, S. J. & Weigel, M. (2021). Critical Disinformation Studies: A Syllabus. Center for Information, Technology, & Public Life (CITAP), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Somatic Podcast

I was featured on the Somatic Podcast in September 2020. I discussed Black women’s engagement with modern postural yoga and the importance of digital wellness spaces for Black women.

Grad Girl Wellness

I was featured on the Grad Girl Wellness podcast in March 2021. I discussed my experience with parenting as a graduate student, self-care, time management, and the importance of creativity.

Black Mom Collective

I was featured on the Black Mom Collective in July 2020. I talked about belonging and navigating graduate school as a mother.

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